Sumeet Jindal

Sumeet Jindal began doing competitive bhangra when he entered college at East Carolina University. He continued competing throughout obtaining his undergraduate and MD/MBA degrees from ECU.

After gaining some experience, Sumeet founded Khirre Phul Gulab De, a collaborative bhangra team that took the best male dancers in North Carolina, in 2010. Since then, KPGD has competed all across the US and Canada, and has competed on the biggest stages in bhangra. While leading ECU and KPGD, Sumeet also competed with multiple other teams in North Carolina and others throughout the country.

Sumeet is known nationwide as an elite dancer on the bhangra circuit, largely in part for his energetic dancing and infectious love for dance. His success includes over 15 placings at major competitions around the country. In his many years of competing in the bhangra circuit, Sumeet has helped teach and train dancers of all ages, many of whom went on to lead their own bhangra teams and obtain great success. He is excited for CIA to help Punjabi culture and the art of bhangra flourish in North Carolina.