Carolina Indian Arts currently offers the services listed below. We hope to grow and expand to include other arts in the future!

Location: All classes will be held at LA Dance Studios on Sunday afternoons. We have two studios booked at this location to use simultaneously.
100 Dominion Drive, Suite 111. Morrisville, NC 27560.

Summer Class Intensive : 

Session 1: June 10-28. Session 2: July 8-26

Ages 8-12: Sunday 7-8p, Tuesday 7:30-830p, Wednesday 6:30-7:30p with Vick

Ages 13+: Tuesday 7:30-9p, Thursday 6:30-8:00p

—9 classes for $175. 18 classes for $300—

This is a three week course that will meet for three hours each week. It will be offered twice during the Summer months. It is designed to teach the fundamentals of bhangra in an expedited learning environment. Students are welcome to join both sessions and will learn two different bhangra routines! We plan to use these routines to audition for performance opportunities during the Fall semester. If you are interested in joining a Summer session, please fill out this form.

We understand that your family may have plans that don’t work to be able to do a full session, however anyone who commits to one session is able to join for 1-2 weeks of a Summer Intensive session at a prorated rate.


Fall & Spring Bhangra Classes

—Elementary School: $300 for 1 hour class, whole semester + performances—

—Middle School & High School: $400 for 2 hour class, whole semester  + performances—

Weekly bhangra classes are currently available during the school year for students aged 7+. Students will learn and refine techniques of bhangra and will have the opportunity to perform at least once, if not more. Students will be divided by age when they join CIA, however we may move them to a different level based on their skill and needs. If you are interested in joining weekly classes during the school year, please fill out this form.

Adult Bhangra Classes

Enjoy learning bhangra with your friends or spouse while burning off calories and getting healthy! Don’t be shy- we’ll make sure to make it a fun experience for all! We will have two types of classes: a) Performance Group; b) General Bhangra/Fitness Class.

Private Bhangra Lessons

Private bhangra lessons are offered for individuals or small groups. If you are interested in private bhangra lessons, please reach us here.

Event Performances

We would love to perform at your next event! We charge per dancer (usually 4-8 dancers) and will be sure to entertain your guests with a high energy and enjoyable performance. Our routines tend to last between 4-7 minutes, depending on your needs, but we will gladly discuss any other ideas you may have. Reach us here if you are interested in having us at your next event!


Cash Discount- 5% off
Family Discount
2 dancers per family- 10% discount
3 dancers per family- 15% discount